What to Expect

We really look forward to meeting you!  Here’s what you will experience on your first visit to one of our worship services:

We will welcome you.  While you’re here, you’ll probably have a chance to say hello to some new people.  Sometimes we even take time to greet each other during the worship service, so you may get a handshake and a smile or two!  The Welcome Center in the foyer is where you can go to get all kinds of information about Birch Cove Baptist Church.  Before and after the services, you’ll find all kinds of friendly and helpful people around to greet and assist you if needed.

Come as you are.  Don’t feel like you have to “have it all together” before you start coming to church.   We won’t judge or criticize you for having struggles or doubts.  We’re here for each other!   Also, there is no dress code here at Birch Cove Baptist Church.  Please feel welcome to come in clothing that is comfortable for you to worship, connect, and learn.  Some will have suits or dresses on; some will be more casual.

God may challenge or change you!  We believe that the Bible is our guide for living the best life we can live, so we teach from the Bible every week.  Sometimes, when we read and learn God’s word together, people realize that there are things in their life they need to think about or change.  God might stir something within you!   Please come with an open mind to what God might be saying to you.

For more information, check out our Worship Services or learn how you can Get Connected.